The Casey Neistat Lesson: Don’t Pay That Bike Ticket, Fight It | Living on GOOD

This is a great way to make a point on the absurdity of how we treat bikers. Here in Atlanta, some drivers hate that they have to share the road but also vote against funds to create bike lanes. Regardless, this video is pretty funny.

The Casey Neistat Lesson: Don't Pay That Bike Ticket, Fight It | Living on GOOD.

New Google Maps Looks Spectacular

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Yeah, google is pretty much killing it these days. The new google maps looks sweet!

New Google Maps Looks Spectacular.

Powerful Video Asks You to Imagine a World Without Hate

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This is a really powerful video from the Anti-defamation league. It “features fake headlines about people like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Anne Frank, imagining what they could have accomplished had their lives not been cut short by violence.”

I remember talking about how awesome it would have been for MLK to talk at Obama’s first inauguration had he still been alive. I wonder how much further along we would be if people like him and JFK were still here.


via Powerful Video Asks You to Imagine a World Without Hate.

Seeing the world through Google-colored Glasses

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How do you market an unconventional product — that people may see as to big of a change to purchase — and make it look like just another product that will result in zero big changes without loosing the amazingness of the product? This is how!

I’ve been on the fence about Google glasses but after seeing this video I’m one step closer to wanting to try them. I love how it takes the best of the iPhone and GoPro cameras and puts them into one device that is always at the ready. No more, taking the phone out of your pocket, unlocking it, finding and opening the app you need etc etc. All you have to do is say “okay glasses” then what you want to do. Done. Simple.

I can see where Kottke is coming from saying these could be a “Segway for your face” but I’m not so sure. People are already willing to wear GoPro cameras on their head and seem like they are talking to themselves with bluetooth headsets, Google Glasses just puts those two things together. Oh yeah, and throws in the internet for bonus! Not to shabby if you ask me.

Seeing the world through Google-colored Glasses.

Secrets from the Science of Persuasion

Need to persuade someone?

Seeing as how design is all about communicating new ideas to people, helping people see things in a new way and bringing new meaning to old things it seems any designer could benefit from knowing a little more about the art of persuasion.

Here are six ways to do it.

Secrets from the Science of Persuasion.

How the Internet is Shaping Our “Global Brain” – Tiffany Shlain – Harvard Business Review

“Both a young child’s brain and our young, global Internet brain are in highly creative, experimental, innovative states of rapid development — just waiting to make connections. So, here’s a question for the 21st century: How do we help shape both of these young, rapidly growing networks to set a course for a better future?”

The opportunity and responsibility we, as a global society, have to create any future we want is pretty amazing!

via How the Internet is Shaping Our “Global Brain” – Tiffany Shlain – Harvard Business Review.

PopTech : PopCasts : Porter and Mykleby: A grand strategy for the nation

When asked to make the next national security strategy Captain Wayne Porter and Col. Mark Mykleby’s response was, we don’t need another security strategy we need a national strategic narrative. Why? Here is the current narrative, created during the cold war:

“The United States is the leader of the free world against the communist world. We will invest in containing the Soviet Union and limiting its expansion while building a dynamic economy and as just, and prosperous a society as possible.”

First off, the biggest problem with this is the Soviet Union no longer exists. The second is that “containing” something is not only out of touch with today’s world it also promotes a closed system.

Their idea for a new narrative promote less military force, more social capital and more sustainable practices in energy and agriculture. Sound good to me! Here is their proposal for a new narrative:

“The United States wants to become the strongest competitor and most influential player in a deeply inter-connected global system, which requires that we invest less in defense and more in sustainable prosperity and the tools of effective global engagement.”

Not perfect, but vastly better than our current narrative.

PopTech : PopCasts : Porter and Mykleby: A grand strategy for the nation.