A Shiny New HIGH LIFE | A Continuous Lean.

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“The best part — Landor made the reverse of the labels appear as bottles of champagne.”

A Shiny New HIGH LIFE | A Continuous Lean..

Infographic: Mowing the Lawn Becomes Art | Fast Company

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“Variously over the past nine years, the artist has tooled around on a motorized lawnmower, tracking his rides on GPS as he dutifully clips the grass at his mom’s place in Oxfordshire, England. (What a good son!) The data is then turned into maps. They look like beautiful Etch A Sketch drawings or, if you want to get art-nerdish, Cy Twombly scribbles, even though they’re basically just visual travel logs from the world’s most boring vacation.”

More sketches at Fast Company

via Infographic: Mowing the Lawn Becomes Art | Fast Company.

The Builders’ Manifesto – Umair Haque – Harvard Business Review

The 21st century doesn’t need more leaders – nor more leadership. Only Builders can kickstart the chain reaction of a better, more authentic kind of prosperity.

How can you become one? Here are the ten principles of Constructivism (contrasted with these principles of leadership).

1. The boss drives group members; the leader coaches them. The Builder learns from them.

2. The boss depends upon authority; the leader on good will. The Builder depends on good.

3. The boss inspires fear; the leader inspires enthusiasm. The Builder is inspired — by changing the world.

4. The boss says “I”; the leader says “we”. The Builder says “all” — people, communities, and society.

5. The boss assigns the task, the leader sets the pace. The Builder sees the outcome.

6. The boss says, “Get there on time;” the leader gets there ahead of time. The Builder makes sure “getting there” matters.

7. The boss fixes the blame for the breakdown; the leader fixes the breakdown. The Builder prevents the breakdown.

8. The boss knows how; the leader shows how. The Builder shows why.

9. The boss makes work a drudgery; the leader makes work a game. The Builder organizes love, not work.

10. The boss says, “Go;” the leader says, “Let’s go.” The Builder says: “come.”

via The Builders’ Manifesto – Umair Haque – Harvard Business Review.