What The Tech Pundits Don’t Get About Facebook’s $1B Instagram Deal

This is a great piece on the recent purchase of Instagram by Facebook.

It’s the first article I’ve seen that is driven by the fear that Instagram will be destroyed by Facebook or complaining about the $1 billion price tag.

In contrast, this article actually puts really smart ideas and POVs out there about why this is a smart purchase and even how it might benefit users of both platforms.

It’s refreshing to see that we might be moving beyond the “oh this new technology will kill that old process” thinking that was so prevalent a few years ago and to a more collaborative, lets put these two things together to make something better mentality!

“I think Facebook is getting a little nervous about Pinterest, for instance. There is a new generation of meaningful social networks that are all about personal identity curation. Like Pinterest, Instagram understands that the future is photo-driven, and that those photos are about style and moments. Facebook is playing catch-up. It can either become this fundamental layer, the glue that holds this world together, or they can start creating better environments for users across the board.

I’ll bet that Instagram’s ultimate appeal to Facebook had a lot to do with the app’s road map–what features it would soon have and how it would evolve. Facebook, with an eye towards product improvement, would have seen all those changes with an eye towards how that road map could influence its own.”

What The Tech Pundits Don’t Get About Facebook’s $1B Instagram Deal | Co.Design: business + innovation + design.

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