School Reform for Realists

This is a great article profiling three examples of business/education partnerships, what’s working and what’s not.

Here are some of the highlights.

Business/education partnerships should:

• Be set up so that all aspects of the project are transparent to outsiders, even if corporations profit from the R&D

• Foster experimentation, because it is not always clear in advance which ideas and projects will work best

• Establish in-depth training for every new technology, with businesspeople and educators learning from each other

• Bring together school leaders, teachers, nonprofits, and business collaborators to brainstorm and plan innovative efforts

• Focus attention on the problems that school leaders and teachers identify as important

• Foster a participative staff and student culture that echoes the best of the business culture around them

• Document successes and failures so that other schools can learn from them.

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School Reform for Realists.

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