The Thought Leader Interview: Douglas Conant

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This is a great interview with the former CEO of Campbell, Nabisco, General Mills and Kraft talks about how corporate transformation happens when you have engaged leadership who believe and live the transformation giving the rest of the company something to emulate.

He points to big changes like transitioning “executive compensation [to] longer-term goals. A major share of a leader’s salary was linked to long-term compensation, based on Campbell’s total shareholder returns versus a peer group of companies, over a rolling three-year period. That kept people sufficiently focused on the future. I think that kind of balance needs to find its way more fully into the corporate sector. Yes, people need to be rewarded in the short term; they have bills to pay. But they also need to be sufficiently dispassionate about everyday issues, so that they can build a greater company tomorrow as well.”

Finally, he talks about the necessity for a strong social responsibility platform. It builds a strong reputation which in turn has positive impacts on employee engagement and marketplace performance.

The Thought Leader Interview: Douglas Conant.

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