How Jony Ive’s Apple iOS 7 Hinders the Future of Design | Wired Opinion |

John Maeda’s perspective on the debate being had around skeuomorphism (the design style used on the iPhone) versus flat design (the design style revealed for iOS 7 yesterday). Definitely worth the read. Here are two parts that stood out to me. (I added the emphasis)

“Design, like many disciplines, is about a diversity of approaches as soft solutions rather than hard truths. It’s a spectrum, not an either-or decision about whether to skeu or not to skeu.”

“For my part, I have always believed that simplicity is about doing both: subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful. The question, of course, is what is meaningful? — and the answer indeed depends on the cultural context and constraints of the decision being made or product being rendered.”

Finally, even though Google Glass is being received poorly, technology and specifically the hard ware is going to change radically and soon. Some day we’ll all be wondering why we lugged the laptops and phones around with us as we access the internet through our contact lens.

Here’s what Maeda has to say on the implications of future technology like a contact lens computer.

“In a hands-free, “eyes-free” interface world, this doesn’t mean removing a shadow or flattening a button. It means thinking way beyond the pattern of intensity rendered by pixels on a screen, to stop worrying about the dots-per-inch as if we cared to count the individual dots if we tried. Apple and other leaders in the design space should be thinking like the designers who are imagining a complete gesture-based operating system across an array of small and large display systems (like at Oblong). They should be playing with bytes, paper, and optics with a refined yet playful spirit of craftsmanship (like the folks at Berg).”

How Jony Ive's Apple iOS 7 Hinders the Future of Design | Wired Opinion |

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