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“Citizen Renaissance was conceived by Jules Peck and Robert Phillips in the spring of 2008 – on the eve of the global economic crisis and before The Big Society had really seen the light of day. Originally published as a wiki-book, Citizen Renaissance explores the collision of the three seismic shifts of our time: the perfect storm surrounding Climate Change; the Wellbeing Imperative; and the axiomatic rise of Digital Democracy. At its heart lies a call for more citizen-centric thinking and behaviour and an end to the global imbalance of Wants & Needs. Citizen Renaissance continues today as a forum for thought; a platform for the exchange of ideas; and as a collaborative project that seeks to develop a Manifesto for Change.”

Here is an overview of part one – The Seismic Shifts:

Part One – Three Seismic Shifts

An examination of three seismic shifts which, taken together, represent a very real threat to the planet and its people – but also an historic opportunity for change.

Chapter One: The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm of environmental issues, surrounding and including Climate Change.

Chapter Two: The Wellbeing Imperative

The thirst for Wellbeing in the face of falling happiness. The emergence of a resurgent Citizenship away from relative-materialism and the threat this represents to the current model of corporate Consumer capitalism.

Chapter Three: Digital Democracy

The inexorable rise of Digital Democracy and Citizen Politics – the power of engagement, generated by the online revolution.

The Book | Citizen Renaissance.

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