When I set out to redesign a package I wasn’t concerned with aesthetics. I wanted to find a brand whose packaging needed a smarter and more environmentally friendly design. When I saw the Duracell blister packs, the ones that are supposed to hang on a hook, sitting on a shelf by the check out register I couldn’t believe how many things were wrong with the packaging.

First, the abundance of plastic. Knowing how bad plastic is for humans, the environment and how much is ending up in our oceans it was very important to find a way to totally eliminate the need to use any of it in the final package.

I also wanted the package to provide a simple way for the average consumer to ship their alkaline batteries to a facility who is capable of properly disposing them. It’s unbelievable how hard this is to do currently and as a result most batteries end up in landfills slowing polluting the environment by leaking battery acid.

The final problem I wanted to address was on the production side of the process. Each battery had a different size package requiring independent production runs, die cuts and designs. Streamlining this process will be good for the planet, people and profit margins, the triple bottom line.

The solution is the Duracell Recycling Mailer. Designed to be smarter and more environmentally friendly, this package can be re-used as a container for used batteries. When the package is full it can easily be sent to a facility that can dispose of the batteries properly. The bar code on the side of the package contains all shipping information and pre-paid fees for the batteries to be shipped anywhere in the United States. The package is also designed to be the same dimensions for sizes D, AA and AAA making the printing and fabrication more efficient and cost effective.