Launching a nonprofit and directing its pilot project

Good Thinking is an Atlanta-based organization that helps local nonprofits that are focused on education, children and families effect lasting social change. Good Thinking creates rallies that bring together select creatives from the local community to design high quality communications and design for a qualified nonprofit with a specific program need.

Each rally consist of an ten week engagement with one meeting each week. This specific and quick timing allows creatives to get involved with meaningful work in their community without becoming over committed or burned out from a project that seemingly never ends.

It’s a great initiative that gives creatives an outlet to do meaningful work and provides nonprofits with high value and effective communication tools for their programs.

I was invited to help launch the Good Thinking organization and participate in their pilot rally with I Have A Dream, A.D. Williams Chapter (IHAD) as the creative director. IHAD was an exciting organization to work with because they recognize the need and benefit to creating long-term programs and strategies to address social issues.


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I Have A Dream, A.D. Williams Chapter was started in 2001 when they adopted 60 second grade students from the A.D. Williams Elementary school. At the time less than 10% of these students, faced with many challenges associated with poverty would graduate from high school. The IHAD program committed to providing each student, also known as a Dreamer, with the skills, knowledge and habits needed to attain and succeed in higher education and beyond.

Good Thinking was tasked with Helping IHAD promote their annual fundraiser Gala to secure the guaranteed tuition support for each Dreamer who graduates high school.

We created an a new identity for the foundation and branded the fundraising event, redesigned their web site and created thank you cards and other print materials. The concept, evidence of hope, was created around life-sized portraits of each Dreamer. The portraits were hung at the Gala to put a human face to the program and allow donors to make a connection with those they would be helping. The Gala was a huge success and raised more than $200,000.





Credit: Designers: Spencer Bigum, Bryan Condra, Hannah Cross, Hartmut Jordan; Photography: Jerry Burns, Artem Nazarov; Creative Director: Frank Rauss