The design of my chair is a symbol of who my bother Rob was and how his courage to live a happy life inspired and taught me how to become the person I am today. The thick, solid frame is his seemingly effortless strength to live 30 years with a life threatening disease. The thin cross bars represent his frailty, his disease.

The seat represents what I learned from Rob and creates an understanding that Rob inspires my life—he doesn’t define my life. The seat is suspended on two springs in the back legs, causing it to drop unexpectedly when seated. This is a reminder that life comes at you fast, it comes from all directions and you better be ready for it at all times. But the seat doesn’t keep falling, giving you the security that things will be okay even if they get a little scary at times. When exiting the seat, the spring will push you out as a little kick in ass to get you motivated to keep moving forward.

Overall the chair is meant to be uncomfortable. Sit in it to reflect on the day or enjoy some good memories but don’t get too comfortable. There’s a lot to do and it can’t be done from a chair.