As a group, we had to agree on a definition of peace and then visualize that definition as a bridge. We came to an agreement of four terms that create a foundation for a discussion about peace to commence: Understanding, compassion, balance and comparison.

If you can understand the other person by comparing yourself and your life to theirs, you are able to show compassion towards each other’s differences. You will be able to work towards a balance with that person.

When designing the bridge we wanted to ensure people would experience a little bit of the sacrifice it takes to achieve peace when entering the bridge.  We also wanted people to have the ability to view the bridge and its surroundings from unique vantage points allowing them to see things from different points of view. We achieved this through the lower walkways that extend beyond the main bridge and through the glass floor at the center of the bridge. To further the point that peace is not a singular definition, that its meaning changes from person to person and culture to culture, the glass walls at the center of the bridge are interactive and will stream in user-generated definitions of peace from all over the world.