This poster series promotes a public discussion on the dangers of prescription drugs and the alternatives available to them.

Pharmaceutical companies focus on areas of the United States to push their drugs on people with the promise of healthier days. Unfortunately their drugs just keep people sick. They don’t cure anything—they just numb the pain for few hours. Most prescriptions require taking additional scripts to take care of the side effects for the main prescription usually leaving the patient addicted. Worst of all prescription drugs kill 100,000 Americans each year. That’s over 5 times as many who die using illegal drugs.

This fact and many others are appalling to me. I chose three that I thought were the most profound to create my poster series around: Deaths per year, advertising budget and the amount of abusers of prescriptions drugs.

My intention is to make people stop and think about what they’re swallowing and hopefully give them the information to reconsider how they view prescription drugs.