I came across the Communist Rules for Revolution about five years ago and was absolutely blown away by how much they related to current political and social events happening today in The United States. When I created the book a year ago, America was whole-heartedly following seven of these rules. We’re now following all but one.

“The United States of Duress” takes a critical look at current events in The United States by paralleling them to the seven rules that became the basis for each chapter. The stories within each chapter illustrate the similarity between the culture of America and the rule of the chapter.

The book is to serve two outcomes. The first is to hopefully make people more aware of how far we have strayed from our founding beliefs in both the government and society. The second is a solution. There is such a divide in this country right now. Everyone yells but no one listens. It’s all about who is to blame, who is better, who is right and who is wrong. It’s my belief that doesn’t solve anything.

We need to start listening and realize we are able to formulate our own thoughts. We need to meet in the middle, be willing to sacrifice a little on both sides of the argument. If we can start working together and put our differences aside then maybe we can start to solve some of the major problems in this country both politically and socially.