Democratizing 30 Years of Knowledge and Experience

I met David Gershon and Gail Straub when I participated in their workshop. I was inspired by their story and passion to help others create the life they wanted by taking an “open source” approach to sharing their knowledge and methodology.

Unfortunately their programs and knowledge were buried in an outdated and cluttered website creating an experience that turned people away. I wanted to help them change that.

David Gershon and Gail Straub have been creating social change through personal empowerment for 30 years. Their most well known project, The First Earth Run, inspired by the Olympic Torch run, was created to spread peace throughout the world in a time when global anxiety was high due to the cold war. Over 86 days, the First Earth Run’s message of peace would reach 25 million people and 45 heads of state in 62 countries who directly participated in the torch’s journey.


David Gershon and Gail Straub have developed this empowerment methodology from 30 years of experience creating social change through personal empowerment.

Content. Content. Content.

30 years of experience, initiatives and workshops creates A LOT of content. To make matters more challenging their was duplicated content, varied writing styles and tones and different formats from PDFs to Word docs to videos and pure audio. For this project to be successful the focus had to be on the content first.

The process started with an audit that helped inform the new objectives and key message for the website and a methodology for a detailed audit and complete rewrite of their content.


Visual used to present the strategy and methodology for auditing, editing and refining the content.

A New Organization for the Content and a Process Road Map

With over 200 pages of existing content, organizing the content into three main categories from 13 was a critical step that helped eliminate duplicated and outdated content. It also helped David and Gail to see his content, for the first time, organized in a system that connected programs, experiences and results in a way that highlighted the overarching purpose of David’s work.

Finally, the new organization acted as road map for how we apply the strategy to the content and it became a rough frame work for restructuring the information architecture of the Empowerment Institute’s site and it’s content.


Content organization map helped make sense of over 200 pages of existing content. It also provided an efficient approach for the editing and approval process.

Framework For a New Experience

The final step was creating a site map to visualize how the new content would be structured and connected in the new architecture of the site.

The process that was createded to edit and refine the content allowed us to design an experience that quickly allowed David’s various audiences to locate and identify with the content most applicable to their needs.


The final site map visualized the new structure for the site and where the revised content would now live.

A Few Good Words

Frank Rauss brings creativity, intelligence and deep knowledge along with heart and social consciousness to his work bringing digital strategies into reality. He guided me on a thorough review of our old website and skillfully brought it into the current digital and social media era. I highly recommend him.

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